DIY craft tutorial: Decorative Window Pane

Everyone loves a DIY project, right? Well of course! :)
Here at Sweet Grass we offer fun and creative workshops every week. This week we made decorative window panes that allow you to hang pictures, letters, or write cute little notes and reminders on a chalkboard.  

Before you begin, this is a project you might want to do outside or some where you can get messy :)
Things you will need:
 An old thrown out window pane (craigslist/junkyard)
*prep your window frame by popping out one of the panes for the chicken wire to fit into*
Chicken wire (hardware store or a Tractor Supply)
*prep your chicken wire by measuring the size of the pane you are putting it on, go ahead and cut it to the size with a few more inches added*
 Sandpaper (the grit type is your choice)
Staple gun & a box of staples
Paint brushes, Wire cutter, Tape, Chalkboard Paint
(other colors are optional)
Burlap Cloth
Hot glue gun
Clothesline clips
and any decorative items you can think of.
Examples: ornaments, wreaths, ribbons, wooden letters, etc. 

Step 1: Sandpaper
To give your window a distressed/vintage look you're going
to want to sand down the frame. It will also help if you want to repaint
the frame.
*You might want to wipe your pane off with a wet paper towel to remove any dust before painting your glass*
Step 2: Tape off your window
Unless you would like to free hand, taping off your frame around the glass might be a good idea before layering on the chalkboard paint.
Step 3: Paint, paint, paint!!!
When it comes to chalkboard paint, you will want to layer on as many coats as possible. (3-4 works the best.) Make sure to get it nice and smooth so its easy to write on once it dries.
Because of so many coats, the paint will take time to dry. Try using a blow dryer to help speed up the process.
Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the tape.
Step 4: Staple the chicken wire
After painting the glass, flip the window over to lay out the chicken wire along the pane that is popped out. Begin stapling the ends to the frame of the window. You may have to smooth it out as you go along.
 (Watch your fingers!!)
Cut off any extra wire that is left.
Step 6: Decorating the window
After you've stapled the chicken wire, flip your window back over so the chalkboard paint is upright. Using yarn you can string up clothesline clips as a way of holding pictures, letters, notes, etc. 
*Mini clothesline pins work the best* 
Use tacks to hold down the yarn to the frame.
You can always add fun decorative things like this.....
 *use a hot glue gun to glue the burlap to the yarn*
Here are some wonderful ladies and their finished artwork! Everyone was really creative and had their own style to decorating their window.
Lets see some of yours! Make your own, take a picture, upload it to Facebook or Instagram and tag our account or use the hash tag #letsgetcrafty. You never know it might get featured on our blog :)

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